On-demand features for your wordpress site


WordPress websites are developed using an open source tool written in PHP and currently powers more than 32% of the web. This number rises every day with 14% of the top 100 websites in the world.
On your wordpress website we will provide a full technical audit that will identify all the security, seo, and speed issues, classify them by categories, severities and enable you to plan and deploy the right strategy to fix them.
We will assist in growing your business sales and leads by making your wordpress site one of the best on the market.

Speed optimisation

Google research has stated that almost 53% of mobile users tend to quit a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.
Best wordpress websites loading speed are mainly possible because of plugins. There are plugins that will work on your website’s content and files, and others which will require modifications, like changes to your database. Plugins can also rapidly get outdated and no longer work with the newest version of your WordPress theme.
We will offer our technical knowledge to handle all the plugin management which will improve and optimize your website speed, making sure you get the best results.


Offer your business the exposure it deserves by leading the race on Google and Bing.
Our SEO optimisation methodology will bring more customers to your website, products or services than any other type of online advertising.
We will design a strategy to increase your wordpress website traffic and get you the ROI you deserve. We take time to analyse your business, your competitors, your products or services, and create a customised plan.
Process: Audit - Establish a strategy plan - Identify the right tools, actions - Fix - Repeat


Nobody likes to be vulnerable. Security flaws can enable attackers to use your website to commit fraud, spread malware and other attacks. Hacking is a major concern as the attacks adapt and are getting more complex.
Our cybersecurity service uses the latest security plugins to prevent hackers from accessing your wordpress site.


Tracking your web traffic will allow you to gather quantitative and qualitative data. It helps you to focus on pages with higher bounce rate and improve pages with lower bounce rate.
We assist you to correctly setup tools like google analytics, monsterinsights, or exactmetrics. The best part is we will help you to understand the data, and use it to improve your customers conversion rates.


Our aim is to help you to understand what is happening on your wordpress website, how it works and in which area you could improve it.
We offer a custom video training on your wordpress website. During the session we provide you the best guidances available, and make sure to answer all your concerns.

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